1. Bronwyn,

    I am enjoying exploring your site and I have enjoyed WA the two times I have been there.

    I especially love the East Kimberley, the area around Kununurra, with Lake Argyle and the Bungle Bungles and just how wild it is there.

    I look forward to keeping up with the new things on your site and I’ll have to come back to write a story about our trips to some very interesting place in Western Australia (The second best state in Australia)


  2. Love exploring your site, particularly the wonderful photos. Have never been to WA but will definitely have to travel over some time in the future, particularly the Margaret River region. Have heard so much about it, specially the wonderful wines there.

  3. Great blogs Bonny. Really refreshing to read realistic and helpful descriptions of some of WA’s icons.
    I look forward to reading more.
    Rich @ Travel Forever

  4. Dear sir/madom:
    Good afternoon !
    This is Jennie from China, I’m so exciting to arranging a trip with my family to WA in Aug. The dolphin centre in Bunburry is part of our trip. since it is winter season in Aug, i wish to know that if I can meet dolphin in such cold weather? is there cruise trip available on 10th Aug?
    thank you for your patient, hope to receive your reply soon! All the best!

    • Hi Jennie, I’d suggest you contact the dolphin centre directly, because they’ll know a lot more about specific dates and things for their company than I do. Their email is: It might be a bit cold for swimming tours at that time, but dolphins are around all year round so you’ll most definitely have the chance to see them 😀 !

  5. Just discovered your site through Jo Castro’s Zigazag blog. I love what I see so far – but then you are promoting WA – and we do live in the most amazing state in the whole of Australia! SO lucky aren’t we? We have it all right here!
    Great to meet you. Happy travels.

  6. Hey guys,

    We went down to Piesse Brook valley to have a swim at the rocky pool yesterday! pro tip: It was cold as.
    It was a very beautiful walk with big rocks, wildflowers, nice hikers, gorgeous trees scattered across the land. It was extremely enjoyable and the pool was refreshing!


  7. Love your site which I only discovered recently. I live in Busselton and now consult your locations regularly. However, I grew up in Mosman Park and wish to point out some inaccuracies in your script for “Bay View Park Above Freshwater Bay and Keane Point”. The area you describe overlooks “Mosman Bay”. Keane Point is “Keanes Point”. The yacht club at Keanes Point is the “Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club”. Freshwater Bay is in the background, between Keanes Point and Claremont, along the Peppermint Grove foreshore.

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