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    360° Australien: Ein Zyklon, dann ich. Roadtrip von Margaret River nach Broome (Teil 2, Coral Bay) | Stefan Schüler
    […] Umsonst. Tipp zwei: Schwing dich in deine Karre, fahre über den 4WD Drive Access Track zur Bateman Sanctuary Zone …


    • Hi Arianwen, thanks for commenting! The Ningaloo beaches are absolute paradise, I think they’re some of the best beaches in Australia :-)

  1. I am looking into car hire and sadly the Exmouth car hire companys all say that if you are not driving on a ‘named’ or ‘gazetted’ road your insurance is not valid, even in a 4WD.So you cant drive on a sandy track from a named road to get the beach.

    We would love to explore the area such as the lagoon. Is it far to walk to the water from the cardabia- Ningaloo road to get the lagoon if we left our car there? DO you need a 4wd for that cardabia- Ningaloo road or is a 2 WD ok ? tahnks

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