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    • Yes, unfortunately! But they’re not all that common.

      Little tiny clear stinging jellyfish that sometimes congregate over the clear sandy areas when the ocean is completely calm are the most likely ones you’ll encounter, but they’re also the least harmful.

      Bluebottles arrive with strong onshore winds, north-westerlies in particular, but are very rare in summer and you’ll see them washed up on the beach if they’re around.

    • Yes, unfortunately! But they’re not all that common at the wavy beaches.

      Little tiny clear stinging jellyfish that sometimes congregate over the clear sandy areas when the ocean is calm are the most likely ones you’ll encounter, but they’re also the least harmful.

      The bad beaches for these stingers are down around Rockingham and Safety Bay, and along the north coast of Rottnest at beaches such as Fays Bay and Little Parakeet Bay, but you sometimes get them at beaches like Cottesloe or City Beach, especially early in the morning.

      Bluebottles arrive with strong onshore winds, north-westerlies in particular, but are very rare in summer and you’ll see them washed up on the beach if they’re around. Don’t risk it if you see them, the sting is horrible (I know from experience!).

      Luckily there are no deadly or seriously dangerous jellyfish anywhere near Perth.

  1. Hi Bonny!

    Am planning to visit Cottesloe this March! Wondering if there are available snorkeling gear for rent at the beach itself? Or do I have to join snorkelling tours to snorkel at the beaches in Perth?

    • Hi!

      You can hire snorkeling gear from the little surf shop on Marine Parade, across the road from Cottesloe Beach. But it might work out cheaper to buy some if you’re going to go snorkeling on more than one day!

      No you don’t need to book a tour to go snorkeling in Perth, unless you really want to get to deeper off shore areas or swim with dolphins. All the snorkeling spots described on this page have reefs and fish to see within a short swim of the beach.

      Be aware that while Cottesloe (in particular the reefy area south of the rock groyne) is a great snorkeling spot if you’re lucky enough to be there on the perfect day with the right conditions, much of the time it’s too windy and/or wavy to be any good. If you’re really into snorkeling I’d strongly recommend going over to Rottnest Island. It’s by far the best place for beach-based snorkeling near Perth.

    • Hi Sukh, North Cottesloe is the beach in Perth that I mostly swim at, but I also really love Leighton/Port Beach, Brighton Beach and Mettams Pool.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the awesome beach guide. We’re visiting Australia for one year on a Working Holiday Visa, and are in the Perth Hills for 2 months. Even though it’s winter, we’re planning on heading over to a beach this coming weekend. Where do you think the best sunsets are to be found? Thanks!


    • Hi Amy, you might enjoy a sunset walk along the beaches and pathway at Mettams Pool and North Beach. The beaches there are smaller and secluded compared to most Perth beaches, with interesting shells and low cliffs providing a bit of protection from the wind. And there are a couple of bars and restaurants across the road from the beach that you could go to after the sun goes down.

  3. I was just researching beaches near Perth and was amazed at how informative your site is..
    I have never been to Australia and would like to spend a month there on a quieter white sandy beach near Perth. I am very much interesting in exploring Perth and yet prefer to stay in a neat place on the water.
    I am 64 years old but quite active and will be on my own for some of the time which is worrisome as safety is always an issue.. I want to first discover a neat place and then look for a small place on the water and explore Perth. Do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you in advance

    • Hello, I think any beachside suburb in Perth would be nice if you just want to relax and do a little bit of exploring. But if you won’t have a car to drive then I’d suggest somewhere between Cottesloe and Fremantle because they are more central and the trainline is close by. Northern suburbs beaches are beautiful, though, and generally quieter.

  4. Do any of the places/shops near the beaches hire beach umbrellas-we are travelling to Perth from NSW in January 2015 and we love swimming at the beach!We are flying to Perth so a bit difficult to bring umbrella.
    J and J Wall

    • Hello,

      I don’t know of any places that hire out umbrellas at any of Perth’s beaches, so better bring one with you in the luggage.

      I can recommend the one that I’ve got – a stripey blue and white beach umbrella from ikea that only weighs about a kilo and cost $10. But if you do some research online you might be able to find a better one that’s even lighter and packs up smaller.

  5. Hi Bonny, I will be visiting Perth and the Exmouth region next Jan and am very interested in snorkeling! Your website is so useful!

    I have heard mettams pool is a good place for that, any other suggestions? (Rottnest is out of the question as it is kinda expensive plus we will be snorkeling more around Coral Bay and cape range national park)

    Also, might be out of topic but I’ve read your experiences at Coral Bay and Cape Range and since we will be going to both and do not have a long time to spare, we are planning to stay a day at Coral Bay and aboout 2-3 days at Cape Range. Would a day at Coral Bay be sufficient? We do not have a 4wd. Thanks!

    • Hello Jonathan,

      Mettams Pool is lovely on a calm sunny day and if you walk north or south from there you’ll find a whole string of reefy beaches where you can snorkel. The reefs on the northern side of Trigg Island (the beach behind Clarko Reserve) are pretty good when it’s not windy and wavy. Also Watermans Beach a bit further north, the reefs out from the angling club.

      Boyinaboat Reef is a great spot about 7m deep, not near a beach but easily accessible from the sea wall on the outer edge of Hillarys Boat Harbour. Only try this one when the ocean is completely flat. You can see the reef from the rockwall on a calm day, it’s also clearly visible in google maps satellite view.

      Further north, Burns Beach and Yanchep Beach also have reefy areas where you can snorkel.

      In the south try the western side of Point Peron near Rockingham and Penguin Island across from Safety Bay. Penguin Island is a nice day trip even when it’s a bit too windy for snorkeling.

      Of course whether or not these snorkeling spots are any good depends a huge amount on the conditions of the day. Snorkeling in Perth is generally best in the morning during summer because the winds tend to be light and offshore, compared to the afternoon when they’re strong and onshore. But there is no beach in Perth that can possibly compare to the snorkeling at Ningaloo Reef!! So don’t be too disappointed if it ends up being a bit too windy :-).

      As for the second half of your question, I will get back to you shortly.
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  6. HI,
    thanks for the good list of beaches. I’m going to visit Perth in February 2015 and will stay in the city. But I love beaches and would love to visit at least two white beaches with clear water. I’d prefer a not soo crowded beach. Tried to find info but it never says how to acctually get to the beaches anywhere. I won’t have any car, so where would be the best beaches to visit? Is there a bus route or train that stops close by any?


  7. Hi Bonny,
    I’m a Perth local myself, and I think you’re building a great site that is full of helpful information for visitors and locals alike.
    Do you plan to include more beaches in the future?
    As there are many wonderful beaches north of Hillarys and south of Port beach which you are yet to list.
    Mullalloo beach is very popular, and I have heard there are rock pools at low tide. Yanchep lagoon draws a crowd too, but it can have very strong currents which people should be warned about.
    Keep on exploring and please share your discoveries. :)

    • Hi Dale,

      I believe I have already mentioned some of those beaches on this page?? So I’m guessing you mean adding the northern and southern beaches to I’m putting together a page for Fremantle beaches at the moment, and eventually there will also be pages for Rockingham, Mandurah and Northern beaches. But it takes a lot of time to write the articles and visit all the beaches on different days and take photos, so they’ll most likely go up next summer!!

      Thanks for commenting, let me know of any other topics you’d like me to cover on the blog in future!
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  8. Hi

    we are looking at coming over from UK however I have a huge fear of snakes are most beaches safe to swim ? sounds nuts I know but we are looking at emigrating and looking at places to live so thought I would ask thanks :)

    • Hi Alison,

      If you’re a nervous swimmer I’d recommend sticking to the calmer beaches with gentle waves, listed on this page. In summer almost all the popular beaches are patrolled by surf life savers and if you swim between the red and yellow flags they put up, you can trust someone is keeping an eye on you at all times and will rescue you if you get into trouble.

      Snakes are a fact of life in Australia, there’s a chance you’ll glimpse one in the sand dunes near the coast or on a bush walk, but there’s not much point getting overly worried about them because snake bites are rare to begin with and are almost never deadly if you get treated in hospital. So forget about snakes and save your worrying-energy for taking care on the roads and in the surf.
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  9. Hi, your description of the different Perth beaches is very informative.I will be visiting Perth in March 2016 and I am an avid sea glass hunter. Other than South beach and Bathers beach can you recommend any other beaches to look for sea glass. Also, are South and Bathers beaches really good for sea glass or just an odd one now and again…I am looking for a beach where I can find lots of sea glass.
    Thanks for your help

  10. ciao Bonny,
    thanks for such an amazing article !
    I have just arrived in Perth and soon I am going to explore all the beaches mentioned above !!!
    Last Saturday, I went to Applecross, I was exactly on Melville Beach road and I could see people kite surfing and swimming there !
    So, I have a question for you: where else on the river is it possible to swim and / or kite surf ad/ or surf and / or windsurf ?

    Thanks a lot in advance !
    Best regards,

    • Hi Croci, the best places to swim in the river are on the seaward side of Narrows Bridge. There are some lovely spots in North Fremantle and Mosman Park such as Chidley Point, the beach at the end of Johanna Street, and along The Esplanade in Peppermint Grove near Freshwater Bay Yacht Club. On the other side of the river there’s a nice beach in front of Zephyr’s Cafe in East Fremantle (where you often see dolphins) and Point Walter. Some people like to jump into deep water from the cliffs at Blackwall Reach near Point Walter. Matilda Bay is another popular spot for a swim. The water in Swan River is quite clean and fine for swimming in, but depending on conditions can look a bit murky and sometimes there are lots of (harmless) jellyfish.

      As for wind surfing, you can do that on the river anywhere there’s space and a good wind blowing!

      • Hey Bonny,
        I do not know how but I had completely missed your answer.
        Thank you very very much !
        By the way, I literally fell in love with South Freo….I love South beach and its sunsets !

        thanks again for your answer and wish you great Xmas Holidays !

    • Hi Nicole,

      Coogee Beach south of Fremantle has a shark net and the water there is calm like a pool.

      Some of the little beaches and coves between Trigg Island and Watermans Bay have clear calm water enclosed by reefs. You might like Trigg Beach North or Hammersley Pool.

      Perth does not have any Sydney-style ocean pools built into headlands.

  11. Hi,
    We are visiting Perth in Summer. Can anyone recommend the best place where we can can go so my husband can take my 8 year old son snorkelling for the first time in the sea while I can watch/play with his 5 year old twin sisters on the shore line.
    Thanks for your help.

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