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  1. Who manages chapmans pool.. It used to be CALM but that was years ago.. It was a nice place to camp but lately people with campers and caravans have taken over the sites that were for tents only.. There a are people living there. Not just camping. I talked to someone there who said it was cheaper for him to live there in his caravan and dogs than to rent in town.. Whats with that? ? I wanted to stay for a couple of days in my tent, i did find a spot but was asked by a caravaner how long i was planning on staying as he wanted to get his van in there.. There was one old bloke that had set up the centre tent spot that could take up five tens with his one big caravan.. He looked like he was set up permanently.. He said he was collecting fees for the site then handing it to the ranger for collection.. I told him i had already paid at the collection point. He looked upset.. The place has gone downhill, no animals of birds visit anymore only giant horseflies. I dont think I’ll be back any time soon.. I wonder if theres any places left you can canp in where it hasnt been taken over by grey nomads…

    • That sounds like a bit of a shame – hopefully it was just the time you were there and it’s still peaceful there at other times. I think campsites being crowded is the natural result of population growth and also the local governments limiting where people are allowed to camp to just a few spots. I don’t think it’s at all fair for people to stay at DPAW campsites for weeks on end as if they own the place, but perhaps the guy who offered to collect money was actually the volunteer campsite caretaker? These days I do a lot more overnight hiking than car camping, one of the reasons being I don’t have to camp in crowded organised campgrounds next to generators and radios.

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