1. Thank you so much for sharing all these stunning places, we are from South Africa busy with our last step to emigrate to Geraldton Australia.

  2. Hello Bonny I enjoyed browsing your blog it was very interesting and informative.I have the opportunity to move to Augusta in the next month or so and would like your opinion on whether i could eke out a living in the area with a coffee cold drink and ice cream van that i own.I have been fortunate enough to visit the region previously but quite a while ago so i would value your input obviously i know that it is only an opinion but it would be much appreciated.
    Yours sincerely,

    • Hello,

      My guess would be yes you could eke out an existence during the summer months at least. But I’m really the wrong person to ask because I have no idea at all about the costs and council rules associated with running a small icecream business out of a van, or how many customers you’d actually need for it to be viable.

      I’m no expert but I think if you want to stay a while in Augusta you’d do better if you can come up with an individual brand and become a real local fixture that return visitors to the region will remember and develop an affection for, rather than just another mr whippy. Do something like stick a giant cow sculpture on top of the van or get a local artist to paint it with waves and surfboards and bright colours. Get on social media and take photos of you and your van in front of beautiful scenery and well-known views, or even advertise it on this blog ;-). Good luck.

  3. Thank you for such an interesting and informative blog post. I am doing a SCUBA Dive course and we’ll be diving at Canal Rocks today. Although I’ve been there before (many years ago) I wanted to be sure how to get there and find out a bit more about the area. This post is just what I was looking for. I also belong to a writers group but I’ve had writer’s block for ages, so you’ve also inspired me to get writing again. Thanks again and best wishes.

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