Conspicuous Beach
and Conspicuous Cliff

Conspicuous Cliff overlooking Conspicuous Beach

Conspicuous Beach is a beautiful unspoilt surf beach 20 minutes drive from Walpole on the south coast of Western Australia. It's one of only 3 places along the Walpole Coast that's accessible to 2WD vehicles.

The beach is named for the small, yet indeed quite conspicuous, limestone cliff perched atop a tall, steep hill that towers over the beach.

The walk up to the clifftop lookout is a steep and tiring, which is probably why there are benches to sit down on along the way. When you get to the top, the views are quite spectacular.

Conspicuous Beach viewed from the Conspicuous Cliff lookout

Conspicuous Beach viewed from atop Conspicuous Cliff

Follow the track that intersects the beach access path to the left. This is actually the Bibbulmun Track. There is a lookout part way along, after which the track steepens considerably. When you reach a fork in the parth, turn right. You will soon reach the lookout at the top.

If you're there during the winter months, keep your eyes trained out to sea because whales are often seen from this lookout. They'll be quite a distance out to sea, so bring binoculars if you have them.

Walking on Conspicuous Beach

Most people who go to this special place on the south coast of Western Austrlalia to see the wild southern ocean and to walk on the beach and along the Bibbulmun Track up to the clifftop lookout.

Powerful surf, submerged rocks and rips make it too dangerous to go swimming in all but the calmest of conditions. People do sometimes surf there, however.

Another reason to visit is for the fishing. Fishing from the beach can yield the usual species like tailor, snapper, herring, and sometimes sharks. In late summer and autumn it's a good spot to catch salmon.

Wild surf at Conspicuous Beach

Wild surf at Conspicuous Beach

Conspicuous Beach, WA

A stream flows through the dunes and across the beach to the sea.

Getting There

The shortest way from Walpole is to turn onto Conspicuous Cliff Road from South Coast Highway. Conspicuous Cliff Road is part of the Ficofolia Scenic Drive, so in late spring and early summer you'll see the red flowering gums blooming along the drive.

The access path down to the beach through the dunes is longer than usual, but is an enjoyable walk.

The Conspicuous Beach Access Path from the Carpark Sand Dunes Behind Conspicuous Beach, Walpole

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Conspicuous Beach View from the Dunes

View of Conspicuous Beach from the path through the dunes

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