The Coral Bay Beach South of Town - Purdy Point and Paradise Beach

After swimming, relaxing and snorkeling at the main Coral Bay beach, you'll be wondering what other beautiful beaches lie in wait for you to discover.

Just around the corner from the end of Bills Bay, where it curves around into a sandbar, is a big red rock outcrop, beyond which the next Coral Bay beach begins. This beach is Purdy Point.

Purdy Point continues into Paradise Beach, which curves around to the red cliffs of Monk's Head.

Swimming off the beautiful Coral Bay beach at Purdy Point, just around the corner from the Bill's Bay and the town. You can see one of the coral viewing boats in the distance.

Beautiful Clear Water at a Coral Bay Beach

Purdy Point

Purdy Point Snorkeling, Coral Bay

The water at Purdy Point is so inviting for a swim - crystal clear and with several shades of turquoise and blue at different depths.

100-200 metres out, you'll reach the edge of an extensive staghorn coral garden, which is my favourite Coral Bay snorkeling site close to town. The fishlife is absolutely amazing, and the coral far healthier than it is close to the main town beach in Bill's Bay. Here's my page about snorkeling at Purdy Point, with lots of underwater photos.

The beach at Purdy Point is narrow, and rocky in places. It's exposed to the westerley and south westerley winds, but the larger rocks provide some shelter from both the sun and wind.

Walking around to the beach at Purdy Point from Coral Bay

Walking around from Coral Bay past the big red rock to the beach at Purdy Point.

Purdy Point at Coral Bay, Western Australia

Walking around the big red rock at Bill's Bay to the beach at Purdy Point Walking along the beach from Coral Bay to Purdy Point beach

At high tide there's not much of a beach at Purdy Point at all and you'll have to wade through the water to get past the big red rock.

Snorkeling over Purdy Point coral gardens:

Snorkeling at Coral Bay

Paradise Beach

At Paradise Beach, you can take your dog for a swim, or do some fishing. It's the closest beach to Coral Bay where dogs and beach fishing are permitted.

The Paradise Beach Sign, Coral Bay

Paradise Beach continues along from the Coral Bay beach at Purdy Point, beginning just beyond where the five knot sign sticks out from the shallow reef.

It's a gorgeous white sandy beach, well deserving of the name "paradise". It's such a peaceful place for a walk or a lazy afternoon in the sun.

This Coral Bay Beach has a few shallow rocky reefs in close to shore and there are lots of fish swimming around in the shallows. I haven't tried snorkeling off Paradise Beach yet (don't know how I managed this!), but I imagine that the reefs in the deeper waters off the beach would have similar coral and fish life to the reefs off Purdy Point, so I'll definitely be checking it out on my next Coral Bay holiday.

Paradise Beach curves around part-way to Monk Head, but ends at some low red cliffs. You can get up onto the cliffs and walk all the way to the Coral Bay boat ramps. I really enjoy this walk, especially at sunset.

This is the one beach near Coral Bay that you can bring your dog to, and it's also the closest beach to town where fishing is permitted.

Paradise Beach, Coral Bay - Dog Beaches, Western Australia

Sunny the dog going for a swim at Paradise Beach

As you can see from the photos below, it truly is paradise at Paradise Beach:

Paradise Beach, Western Australia

Paradise Beach, Coral Bay

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