1. Hi Bonny – love your blog! just thought I would mention that we have a fabulous station stay – Bullara station half way between Coral Bay and Exmouth. It is a unique and wonderful place to stay for campers, caravans and different levels of accommodation from the lodge, and several stand alone cottages. Enjoy bush walks, fishing, day trips to the beach and the atmosphere of a working cattle property. You can still take part in tours such as the mantas and whale sharks from here.
    cheers Edwina and Tim Shallcross

    • Hi Edwina, thank you for your comment. A station stay could be a great alternative to staying in town, and I’d love to stay at Bullara one day.

    • Hi Edwina, I’m heading north tonight from Perth along the coast to Coral Bay where I have a hostel booked for a few nights. But I am also quite interested in the station! Do you need any volunteers at all? If not, how much is the cheapest lodgings as I don’t have a tent….
      Thank you,
      Lisa 😊

  2. Hi Bonny,

    We are going to have a 8 days trip in West Australia in Oct 2015. While still in planning the itinerary, I would like to ask if there is any difference between Shark Bay and Exmouth. If you have to choose one spot to visit, which one will you choose? I am afraid we don’t have enough time to visit two places.

    We like snorkeling, visiting beautiful beaches and also would like to try shore fishing crayfishing (applying licenses)

    thank you


    • Hi Kenji,

      Exmouth and Shark Bay are both beachy, desert places with plentiful wild life but they are quite different in many ways. I tend to think Exmouth would be the better idea because there are more options for places to go without a 4WD. The snorkeling from the beaches is sensational. Beach fishing is also good but is allowed in some areas and not others so be sure to check the maps. If you’re prepared to part with some money there are some great fishing charters, whale watching tours and dive boats you can go on too.

      I was not aware of Ningaloo or Shark Bay being areas known for catching lobsters, as far as I’m aware they’re mainly found further south. I’ve been boating in the past with people who caught them on reefs off Rottnest Island and there’s a crayfishing industry along the coast north of Perth up to Geraldton, but not much further north than that… I’m no expert on crayfishing though so maybe ask around in some WA fishing forums.

      • Hi Bonny,

        Thanks for your comment and we will visit Exmouth in October. By the way, have you tried sandboarding in Lucky Bay (Kalbarri) and Lancelin? Which sites have steeper or bigger sand dunes?

        Thank you again


        • I’ve been sandboarding in Lancelin many times and it’s a lot of fun. You can hire sandboards from several places in town. I haven’t been sand boarding at Lucky Bay but I’m sure it would be fun there too.

  3. Hi Bonny,
    I wondered your opinion on visiting WA in September for Humpback Whale swim, manta rays and turtles boat tour for snorkeling as well as beaches and maybe quad bikes. Wondered your opinion about staying in Coral bay versus Exmouth? We will probably stay at least a week. we want a small group boat whale swim. We could get a car and go to both if you think it is worth the extra effort versus relaxing in one spot. any ideas and thoughts are so very welcome. thank you michelle

  4. Hi, we are thinking of travelling to coral bay , Broome and Kimberley at the start of February and would like a bit of guidance as what would be best to do , we probably only have about a week , does anyone have any great tips ??

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