Four Wheel Drive Tracks on the Coral Bay Ningaloo Coast

Your options for fishing, snorkelling and exploring the Ningaloo beaches increase dramatically if you have a 4WD vehicle with you in Coral Bay.

You could base yourself in Coral Bay for weeks and fish, snorkel and dive somewhere completely different every day, or even head out of town for a few days of camping on the wilderness coast.

Exploring the Coral Bay Ningaloo coast independently rather than paying to go on a tour, there's more of a sense of adventure and discovery for a lot cheaper. Even better, you can go much further and experience the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park's wildest and most beautiful beaches in solitude.

Here's an overview of where you can go if you've got a Four Wheel Drive vehicle:

4WD destinations close to Coral Bay:

North of Coral Bay

Ningaloo Station
Ruins of the Point Cloates Lighthouse on Ningaloo Station

To the north of Coral Bay, beyond Cardabia Station, is Ningaloo Station. This stretch of coastline is remote and pristine, but it's private property with restrictions on where you can camp, and fees for camping in the five sites designated for campers (only $20/week/person).

  • Wilderness camping
  • Fishing
  • Snorkeling
  • Beautiful Beaches
  • Ningaloo Wildlife
  • Ruins of the Point Cloates Lighthouse and the Norwegian Bay Whaling Station

You can visit the beaches and ruins of Ningaloo Station on a daytrip from Coral Bay, which costs $5/person.

Cape Range National Park

Further north is the Cape Range National Park, which features the arid ridge and gorges of the Cape Range and about 50km of the stunningly beautiful Ningaloo Marine Park coastline.

There's a tidal river crossing at Yardie Creek, which can be a challenge. You need to time it for low tide. Below is a video of a Yardie Creek crossing:

Beyond Yardie Creek the road is sealed all the way up to the end of the cape.

Turquoise Bay in Western Australia's Cape Range National Park

Turquoise Bay, one of many beautiful beaches in the Cape Range National Park with exceptional, easily accessible snorkeling.

The Cape Range National Park has many campsites where you can stay the night.

Although 4WD trip from Coral Bay up through Ningaloo Station and Cape Range National Park can be done in a day, it's far better to camp out for at the very least one or two nights along the way, because there are so many beautiful beaches to stop at.

South of Coral Bay

Waroora Station

Waroora is the station south of Coral Bay adjoining Cardabia Station. The turnoff to the homestead is off the Exmouth-Minilya Road, about 10km south from the Coral Bay turn-off. You're not meant to drive into the station along the coast.

This is another beautiful remote area, with several campsites and many more amazing Ningaloo beaches to discover. It's not too far from Coral Bay for a daytrip (about an hour to the homestead), but like Ningaloo Station, it's worth staying the night there to have time for more fishing, snorkeling, surfing and visiting several different beaches and campsites.

In addition to the campsites, you have the option of staying in the old homestead or worker's cottages.

It's actually possible to visit Waroora with an ordinary 2WD car. But it's much better with a 4WD, because everywhere apart from the homestead and the campsite at 14 Mile can't be reached without one.

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