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  1. Hello Bonny, I’m thinking to visit Australia, do you reccomend Cottesloe beach to me? I’ll travel alone. Do you think I can meet some friendly people there?

    • Hi Renzo, I’d highly recommend a visit to Cottesloe Beach while you’re in Perth, especially if it’s a hot day.

      To be honest people tend to keep to themselves on the beach, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t strike up a friendly conversation or two! Otherwise you’ll definitely meet some friendly people at the pubs across the road from the beach or at the youth hostel, if you choose to stay there.
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    • I shall be visiting Perth from the UK in February 2018. Travelling alone I am wondering if I can swim from the beach leaving my belongings in a secure place. Are there beach lockers available?

  2. Hi looking for a spot to open or taking over a run down cafe in the area of Cottesloe. There are a general population in this area that enjoy nice healthy food, and would like to pursue my hospitality experience in this area. French back ground trained in hospitality with top chef in Melbourne, and France. I have been in Perth for a year, and wish to settle in my own little business. Idea to run 4 breakfast brunch lunch, and 4 diners, with home made catering for small numbers. Let me know if you know a place. Sent on both email adress

    • Hi, I’m not in the real estate business so don’t know of any specific places to set up shop in Cottesloe sorry! But I’d love to see you go ahead with your plans, and when your cafe is open please write back and I’ll visit as a customer!

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