Denmark Beaches

Denmark Beaches - from the wild dangerous surf of Ocean Beach in Ratcliffe Bay beyond the sandbar, to the sheltered idyllic natural swimming pool of Greens Pool in the William Bay National Park, there's no doubt that Denmark Western Australia has some of the best beaches in Australia.

Denmark's coastline is dramatic, made up of huge sloping granite headlands, cliffs, high sand dunes, long beaches, and small coves sheltered from the waves by granite islands and domed boulders.

Denmark Beaches West:

Denmark Beaches East (and Torbay Beaches):

  • Anvill Beach
  • Bornholm Beach
  • Golden Gate Beach
  • Shelley Beach
  • Cosy Corner

Denmark Beaches - Ocean Beach
     Denmark Beaches - Ocean Beach is the town's main beach.     

Denmark's main beach, and the one that's the shortest drive from town, is Ocean Beach in Ratcliffe Bay. This spectacular beach is where the Wilson Inlet meets the Southern Ocean. It continues on far into the distance, backed by tall sanddunes and pounded by ferocious surf. In the distance through the seamist you can see the cliffs of West Cape Howe National Park, which end at the southernmost point in WA.

The far south-western end of the beach, where the road leads down to, is a popular swimming area, patrolled by surf life savers during the summer months. It's also popular with surfers and fisherman.

Denmark Beaches - Lights Beach, looking towards Wilson Head

Lights Beach and the Denmark Back Beach

The next accessible beach around to the west is Lights Beach - one of the most interesting beaches to walk along, fish from and enjoy the views, but not the safest for swimming. It has plenty of granite boulders, hidden coves and crashing waves that create a stunning view, particularly at sunset.

There is another beach to the east of Lights Beach and on the opposite side of Wilson Head to Ocean Beach. This is the Denmark Back Beach. It's the sort of beach that you have to be a mountain goat to get to.

Denmark Beaches - William Bay National Park

Elephant Rocks in William Bay Greens Pool in William Bay, Denmark WA

Top: The Elephant Rocks; Above: Greens Pool

To the west beyond Lights Beach is William Bay National Park, which protects one of the most beautiful coastlines in Western Australia.

The road into the national park at the eastern end will take you down to four picture-perfect beaches. The most well-known and popular of these is Greens Pool. You could not find a better swimming beach than this anywhere in the world - well, if you choose to ingore the fact that the water's freezing cold!.

A short walk over the rocks from Greens Pool around to the left is Elephant Cove, another place of peace and tranquility, and home to the Elephant Rocks - one of Denmark's "must-see's".

If I had to pick a favourite of all Denmark beaches, I'd probably choose Madfish Bay. As well as being an absolutely fantastic swimming beach with calm, clear blue water, it has an island that you can wade out to over a sandbar. This island is a large expanse of granite, with rock pools to explore and excellent rock fishing (be very careful and don't get too close to the seaward edge of the island where the rocks are blackened).

A short walk east over some rocks from the beach at Madfish Bay is Waterfall Beach, where a stream forms a small waterfall where it comes out of the dune forest on its way down to the sea.

To the west beyond the four swimming beaches of William Bay is Mazzoletti Beach. This is a long beach with large breaking waves that extends approximately 6km from Greens Pool to Parry Inlet.

At Parry Beach on the other side of the inlet there is a caravan park and a boat ramp. This is the western end of William Bay National Park.

Quarrum Beaches

The coastline of the Quarrum-Owingup Nature Reserve is rocky, wild and rugged. No sealed roads or gravel tracks lead down to these beaches and rocky headlands. To get to them you either need a 4WD, or walk along the Bibbulmun Track. The 4WD adventure tours based in Denmark town have a tour out to the Quarrum Nature Reserve, if you don't have a 4WD.

Walpole and Denmark Beaches - Boat Harbour in the Quarrum Nature Reserve

Boat Harbour in the Quarrum Nature Reserve

Boat Harbour is one beach along this wild coast that I've been to a few times with my grandparents in their 4WD. This is yet another beautiful spot on the coast, definitely worth visiting if you can get there. It has a big cove with a broad sandy beach protected from the biggest waves by two long headlands. Within this large cove are a couple of smaller coves that are even more sheltered.

Sometimes you can get a 2WD down the road to Boat Harbour, usually after a long dry spell in late summer.

Walpole Beaches

Conspicuous Beach, Denmark Western Australia

Conspicuous Cliffs and the wild beach below.

The next easily accessible point along the coast is Peaceful Bay. Behind the beach is a tiny settlement with a caravan park and general store, also named Peaceful Bay. It's a beautiful beach that's safe for swimming and has a boat ramp. If you have a 4WD, you can take it a long way down the beach, provided the Irwin Inlet channel isn't too deep.

Conspicuous Beach is a short drive west of Peaceful Bay. It's a wild surf beach. Climb the huge hill to the Conspicuous Cliffs for spectacular views of the beach and the ocean.

Eastern Denmark Beaches, and Torbay

Lowlands Beach, east of Denmark WA

The eastern Denmark beaches on the way to Albany are more out of the way and aren't visited as much as Ocean Beach and William Bay. In Ratcliffe Bay there is Anvill Beach, and then there are the beaches of West Cape Howe National Park.

Lowlands Beach can be nice for swimming but only when the ocean is very calm. If large waves are breaking, there's the danger of being caught in a rip here. Also, you need to be especially mindful of king waves when walking or fishing from the rocks.

Shelley Beach has gorgeous views from the steep slope above the beach, which is popular for launching hang gliders. The waves can surgy, but I've never seen large waves breaking on this beach (though they must do sometimes). There's free camping on the grassy area behind the beach. Shelley Beach is the best starting point for walks into West Cape Howe National Park if you don't have a 4WD.

Albany Windfarm from Shelley Beach

Shelley Beach, with a distant view of the Albany Wind Farm across the water.

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