1. Hi, I’m coming up to Coral bay in January and i’m wondering if i would be able to access the beach with my 4WD. If i am is the track a *Highly experienced track* as I’m not very used to 4WDing. Also are there any other novice 4WD tracks around Coral bay.
    Thank you

    • Hello Ty,

      The tracks down to Five Fingers Reef go through the sandhills back behind the beach through some deep soft sand, and the other 4WD tracks near Coral Bay are pretty similar. Surprised to hear they’re considered “highly experienced” though?? I should think that if you can get some experience and confidence in your abilities before your trip, then you’ll be fine.

      Do you have a chance to practise some soft sand beach/dune driving with a more experienced at 4WDing friend or two before you go to Coral Bay? If not then maybe consider doing a 4WD course.

      In the mean time I’d recommend heading over to and asking in the comments there because he will be able to tell you more than I can about the specifics of the track and also recommendations on 4WD courses or good easy tracks to practise on near where you live.

      Good luck!

  2. Hi Bonny,
    My partner and I love to snorkel and plan in visiting Ningaloo Reef in 2017. We love warm water, sunny skies and perfect snorkeling conditions and no crowds!!!! We can visit at any time of the year. We don’t have to see specific fish (whale sharks). When should we visit? Thank you so much for your advice.

    • Can I just comment that swimming with the whale sharks has been one of the highlights of my life and so I would recommend that you travel during that time to Coral Bay… March/April.. There will be more people during public holidays and school holidays however the experience is worth it and the group I went with had I think around 12 in total.. Not the usual jam packed tourism… We saw and swam with 4 whale sharks as well as turtles and many many fish.. Local reef sharks also turned up. An amazing and unforgettable experience…

  3. a friend mentioned Five Fingers – from comments I have already seen from you, it’s a pretty deep sandy track in – we have a Pajero Sports which will cope beautifully. Is it suitable to tow our Jayco Outback Penguin which s a wind up small van? Also is there somewhere to stay? Kind regards, Jo

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