1. Hi, I’ve written a song about this, having just been looking for something to write a song connected to Australia for a wine tasting evening at the end of May. I’ve looked for as much as I can on line but would appreciate someone who knows the history well to listen to my song and give me feedback before I put it publicly on line- in case there are any errors with the history. I did wonder for example if you could tell me exactly how far that Sam would have run back to the farm to get help- I read over 20 kilometres- is it right to say ‘thirteen miles?’ or over 12 miles? perhaps 12 and a half miles… I would like it to be correct…(kilometres don’t work in the song so I need to know the miles!) also was it one sister that Grace had at home? I wonder if I should write ‘sister’ or ‘sisters?’ it would help to know how many they helped to shore… so far its hard to work out with the other lifeboat and different numbers on different accounts… any help with these facts and any one who is willing to hear the song to check it would be greatly appreciated! thank you for your account here it has been very helpful with my research, kind regards, Bethany de Maio

    • Hello Bethany,

      In writing this article I’ve attempted to state where the story gets a bit hazy, with differing accounts or uncertain specific details. Unfortunately many of the finer details of the story such as where Sam Isaacs first spotted the ship and how many people were on the lifeboats are uncertain, lost to history.

      Some accounts suggest he saw from a point on the coast in between Redgate and the Margaret River, but it is not possible to say exactly where. Many tellings of the story say he was at Redgate Beach when he saw it, but from the research I did it seemed this was more of an assumption than a certain fact, and the timing of how everything happened would suggest it unlikely (but still possible).

      One thing I know for sure is that Grace Bussell had 6 brothers and 7 sisters.

      Sorry I can’t help you further than this, maybe the Margaret River or Augusta historical society could provide further information.
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  2. My name is Dr Robert Isaacs OAM I am descendent of Great grand father Sam Isaacs I would like to contact and meet the author of this history novel can’t say much more my email address is above .

    Mobil 0409 088 015 home 9350 6162.

  3. My Great grandmother, her brother, their mother, grandmother, grandfather and at least two more of their children were on the Georgette. My great grandmother, her brother, mother and grandfather survived. However, her grandmother and two of her grandmother’s children drowned , I think ion the first lifeboat. My great grandmother always used to tell us the story about how she and her brother were rescued by Grace on her horse and that her mother held on to the side of the horse. There is an oil painting that represents exactly that in teh Historical Museum at Busselton

    • Hi Christine,

      I also have family that were on the Georgette, I was wondering if they were the same relatives?
      Hauxwell & Stammers? They were my Great…ect Grandparents.

  4. Some time ago I read a book which included the rescue effort of passengers from Georgette. It was most interesting, however for the life of me I cannot remember the title nor the authors name. I am trying to find a copy to lend to a friend, in fact a member of the Dempster family. All I recall about the book other than the story was that it was written as a thesis by a lady with a ‘dutch’ sounding surnmae. Is anybody able to help in positively identifying this book. I also seem to recall it was a paperback and blue in colour.

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