1. We passed through Gracetown a few years ago when we were walking the Cape to Cape track and vowed to go back, but just simply haven’t had the time. I loved all the information you’ve provided here and it’s given me the push to get up and go back one day soon. It did strike me as a very sad place, with an eerie air to the cliffsides, and not without reason, but the bay is beautiful and as you say the town still offers a nod to its camping holiday heyday.
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  2. Bonny this is so comprehensive. You’ve covered everything about Gracetown and even provided extra links. The story behind the name is fascinating. I love the names they’ve given the surf breaks, especially Huzzas. With its tragic history it’s amazing no one has made a movie about it, or at least a documentary. There seems to be quite a lot of Great White sharks in Western Australia. I’d be wary of getting in the water I think :)
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