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  1. Hi, we will be on holiday in Denmark over the Easter weekend. We will have our dog with us. We have never been away with a dog before. Is there many places we can visit that you know of.?

    • Hi John, although dogs are not allowed in national parks (including Greens Pool and the rest of William Bay NP), there are plenty of beaches and great walking tracks where you can take a dog, especially around the inlet.

      The section of Lights Beach east of the carpark is a wonderful walk with rocks, headlands, long surf beaches and a beach with a sheltered shallow tidal pool, but be aware that the western section of this beach is part of William Bay NP.

      Ocean Beach and in particular the Wilson Inlet sand bar area is another great place to take a dog with wide open spaces on the beach, calm shallow water in the inlet and beautiful scenery.

      There are plenty of options, and here’s a link from the Denmark Shire Council that should help you with working out where dogs can run free, where they must be on a lead and where they are not allowed at all:

  2. We were wanting to spend some time at greens pool in Denmark. We have a camp trailer. Can we camp there?
    Where is the nearest camp site.

    • Hi, you’re not allowed to camp at Greens Pool and there are no camping facilities there, if that’s what you’re after. Nearest camp sites that I know of are Parry Beach over on the other side of William Bay NP, Ocean Beach Caravan Park and the caravan park where the Denmark River meets the Wilson Inlet.

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