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    Perth - Expectations and Pre-Trip Planning - Follow My Footsteps x Flyhoneystars
    […] and that we will be really lucky to spot them. Smooth Ray & Eagle Ray.. Let’s go! Read here …
  2. Pingback 21st April, 2016:
    Wild Stingrays at Hamelin Bay, Western Australia (30 mins from Margaret River) - Follow My Footsteps x Flyhoneystars
    […] To read more about the Stingrays and Hamelin Bay, you can refer to this very useful link. […]
  3. Pingback 9th October, 2016:
    Southwestern Australia: 6 Places You Shouldn't Overlook - Plane Sailing
    […] Hamelin Bay Get up close to stingrays as you wade into the crystal clear Western Australian waters in Hamelin …
  4. Pingback 22nd January, 2017:
    WA Road Trip: Wineries + Beaches = Margaret River - My Favourite Escapes
    […] friendly rays. Unfortunately, they did not visit the beach when we were there. But we’ve seen amazing videos of the …
  5. Pingback 12th March, 2017:
    Roadtrip durch Westaustralien Teil 2: South West - pamgi on tour - Zwei digitale Nomaden auf Weltreise
    […] ist für eine Sache ganz bekannt und wir haben das Glück, sie sehen zu können: ein Horde von Adlerrochen, …
  6. Pingback 29th April, 2017:
    Stingrays (with Accidental Dolphin) – Tripping Down Under
    […] toeristische attractie van Hamelin Bay zijn de stingrays. Deze rogachtigen hebben soms een doorsnede van meer dan één meter …


  1. Nice pictures! Stingrays are such amazing animals and are great to see down in Hamelin Bay. They are great to visit every holidays!

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