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    Sweet Floral Installation @ 3 Bears cafe & Flower Crown Hens party. - Sweet Floral
    […] Three Bears beach is well known as a top surf spot , located on a remote stretch of coast …


  1. This is a beautiful spot if you can get to it. I’ve spent many hours on the beach whiling away while the other half has a great time surfing! The walk from Cape Naturaliste to Three Bears is one of the most scenic stretches along the Cape to Cape walk. I’ve done it a few times in both directions and always see dolphins and whales during migration season.

    • That first section of the Cape to Cape from Cape Naturaliste to Mount Duckworth is one of the most scenic along the whole track. I also see dolphins every single time I walk it and there are quite often dolphins in the waves at Three Bears close to the beach. Last time I saw saw seals as well. They were basking and flapping their flippers in the water beneath the cliffs not far south of Three Bears.

      • I think the dolphins like showing up all the surfers at Three Bears. I’ve never seen as many dolphins in one go as I have at Three Bears and you’re right, they’re there every single time.

    • Thanks Jo, I also “discovered” it on walks along the Cape to Cape Track! It’s a beautiful beach in all weather conditions and at any time of day. Camping was quite an experience because I was so close to the huge crashing waves and they were so loud I woke up a few times thinking I was about to get washed out to sea!
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    • Every section of the track has its highlights so it’s hard to choose one part of the walk as the best, although Cape Naturaliste to Mount Duckworth campsite is one of those highlights! Whichever section you choose to do, I recommend not being in too much of a hurry. It is definitely possible to walk the entire thing in 5 days (average 27km/day) but I find 20km to be a much more comfortable distance to walk in a day without getting too tired, and leaving enough time to properly enjoy the amazing camping spots, views and beaches along the way.

      September/October is probably the best time for pleasant weather, wild flowers and whales so you should plan to go soon if possible!

    • I’m walking it in stages this winter/spring, heading down for a few days at a time whenever I get the chance, so maybe I’ll see you on the track! Just last week I walked the Quinninup to Prevelly section and it was absolutely beautiful. I was very lucky with the weather, as I walked into Prevelly on Saturday morning just after a cold front had hit the coast! Crossing the Margaret River was a bit tricky.

        • I walked a short distance inland to where the river was wider and shallower looking than elsewhere, with a sand island in the middle. I then unpacked some things from my bag and carried everything over in 3 trips to avoid losing my balance with the heavy pack on my back, and so that I could hold everything up clear of the water. The water came up to about waist height at its deepest, but apart from that I didn’t have any difficulty or get anything wet other than pants.

          Another option would’ve been to watch for a lull in the waves then run across right where the waves break into the rivermouth, but the waves that morning were pretty huge and the water where the river met the sea looked like a washing machine. Might be easier at low tide though.

          • I should add, at the cross roads between Ellensbrook and Kilcarnup where you can choose to head down to follow the track as usual, or to Caves Road to divert around the rivermouth, there was a big sign saying the river crossing was closed. But I chose to ignore that because I’d met two couples walking the other way who’d crossed the river that day and the day before without dramas. And I was prepared to backtrack if it really did prove uncrossable!

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