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    Loud voices, blue skies and tall trees | Penny's List
    […] week we road-tripped down to the amazing Karri forests in south-west Western Australia […]


  1. Magnificent ancient trees, forest uniquely West Australian. Shame that 40% of it, 2000 square kms will be destroyed by logging from next year 2014, if the government cannot be convinced to stop. Highly endangered marsupial numbats, the last of Species and Family will become extinct. And probably endangered cockatoos as well, and many others. Karri and Jarrah forests are still being logged despite the industry continually running at a loss. Over 80% of the wood from our forests ends up as firewood, woodchips and railway sleepers. Our forests are worth more as habitat for wildlife, carbon stores and community heritage.
    Please Help by signing petition below.
    THANK YOU very much :-)

    • Hello Ulema,

      Yes fees apply for all the national parks surrounding Pemberton.

      You can buy a day-pass (one per vehicle covering all occupants), month-pass or yearly that covers all national parks in WA (including of course the Pemberton ones). The pass allows you to enter and leave the parks as many times as you want during that time.

      The day one is $12 and the 4-week one $44. You can buy it either from the Pemberton parks and wildlife office, or at the entrance to Gloucester NP and Gloucester Tree. Other national parks around Pemberton do not have an official entrance and place to pay fees, but you are still supposed to display your National Park pass ticket on the dashboard while driving or parking within the parks.

  2. What would be really helpful on this website, or any other, would be a map that clearly shows the boundaries of the karri national parks so as to distinguish them from State forests. I have been unable to find any such map on the Internet. The map on this site shows names of parks but does not show their relationship to State Forests.

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