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  1. Magnificent ancient trees, forest uniquely West Australian. Shame that 40% of it, 2000 square kms will be destroyed by logging from next year 2014, if the government cannot be convinced to stop. Highly endangered marsupial numbats, the last of Species and Family will become extinct. And probably endangered cockatoos as well, and many others. Karri and Jarrah forests are still being logged despite the industry continually running at a loss. Over 80% of the wood from our forests ends up as firewood, woodchips and railway sleepers. Our forests are worth more as habitat for wildlife, carbon stores and community heritage. Please Help by signing petition below. THANK YOU very much :-)

    • I would like the Karri forest to left as is, not torn down. My earliest memories are of Karri trees, I thought the forest went on forever. Many happy childhood memories spent in the forests of Manjimup and Pemberton. How lucky are we to have the Karri tree forests. These magical places
      are unique and I believe healing. They are nature’s cathedrals. My daughter and her fiancée will be married in the Karri forest. I want the Karri forests to remain for my grandchildren to enjoy and their
      children’s children and thereafter. The southern forests of Western Australia contain amazing diversity of animals, insects and plants. It cannot be replaced. My wish is for my ashes to be scattered in a Karri forest sometime in the future.

  2. Thank you, and I have added my signature. it is a crime not to protect the last remnants of precious forest. could you please tell me where they are proposing to log?

  3. Hello ….. My name is Huey and I am a builder with a carpentry background . I have a love for timber , in particular the Karri tree , hence my business name Karri Homes . I would like to design a business card using karri trees as a background and particularly like an image in this website which shows karri tree tops at sunset …. labelled ” Pemberton Karri tree silhouettes at sunset ” ( tourism W.A. ) I am writing to ask permission to use this image for my card background or a contact to somebody who can help me . I will put recognition to this on the back of my card and would be very grateful Thankyou Huey

    • Hello Huey,
      The karri trees sillouhette photo is one of the ones that Tourism WA makes available to use. I’m pretty sure you could use it on your business cards, but check the licensing info to be sure.

  4. Hi Bonny,
    Quick question: I know only some eucalypts are proned to losing limbs, do Karri trees fit in to that category?

    • Hi Ally, karri trees do lose their branches from time to time, but I don’t know how they compare to other eucalypts in that respect. Not really my area of expertise, sorry!

  5. As an arborist who climbs trees, I’d have to say I’m pleased they aren’t in Brisbane, considering their size :)

    To answer Ally’s question, all Eucalypts are prone to branch drop. The chance of it happening to the branch of a particular species is thought to be a function of its resin and density.

  6. Hi, I’m wondering how Karri here is pronounced. Is it similar to “Carrie” or does the first syllable sound like “Car”? Thanks!

  7. Hello Bonny or David,

    My partner and I are planning to move to Denmark (WA). We like to grow some Karri trees on our future property. Are there any publications that we can access or purchase?

    We have tented under the Karri trees in Heart Break Trail in Manjimup …..

    Des and Jill

    • I just built a dining table out of salvaged Karri timbers from a mine. Very deep red, hard, heavy, and straight grained. I have photos of it on Instagram, my handle is @woodboz.


  8. Hi,
    From what you have seen, where abouts are the largest Karri trees in general? I saw that you mentioned somewhere in the Warren National Park near the Heartbreak trail, but just wondering if you might have an update or more specifics.
    I heard from an arborist that there are quite big trees in the Shannon Valley (I assume he meant in Shannon National Park) but I don’t know exactly where he meant…he did say though that the tress in that area were consistant 80m+ high as measured with a laser and one that they climbed was found to be 82m tall when they dropped a tape measure from the top.
    I’ve read quite a bit that they grow up to 90m but there doesn’t seem to be many verified accounts.
    They are certainly amazing and beautiful trees though! I want to find the biggest fattest Karri and take a photo with my car next to it while parked along one of those windy roads.
    This is a great website by the way, very informative!
    Thank you and keep up the great work!

  9. I’m in USA – just finished a book which discussed karri trees – REALLY like them – tried to find some here in USA – seedlings for sale – sadly, I couldn’t – I would plant about 20 of them if I can find them

    • Hi Alex, nice to hear from someone in the USA who is passionate about Karri Trees :)

      I read somewhere on a tree forum/website recently (“Monumental Trees”, I think?) that there is one (or two) Karri tree/s in a California valley, fairly youngish, measuring around the 50m mark…I’m typing this without re-checking the source info, but thats what I recall.

      Besides that, I’m a huge fan of Coast Redwoods and Giant Sequoias…The trees in the US are incredible!!

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