1. Hi Bonny, your posts make me very excited about my upcoming trip to Margaret River region in 2 weeks! I’m hoping to stop by some nice beaches with my family, but we’ll be traveling with my 1-year old baby so unfortunately nothing too adventurous! Could you recommend me some beaches that are easily accessible by car (not 4WD) and have either a great view and/or are nice and good for playing on the beach? Thanks so much!

    • Hello Melissa, there are plenty of beaches in the Margaret River Region with great easy access to the sand, including some with calm gentle water. Your favourites might end up being the beaches in the sheltered Geographe Bay in the north of the region, so also check out this page: Dunsborough – Cape Naturaliste Beaches in Geographe Bay. Meelup Beach and Shelly Cove are especially nice for families because they have calm water and some shady trees and picnic benches behind the beach.
      A few other recommendations:
      – Granny Pool in Augusta is like a natural swimming pool with very safe and calm water surrounded by rocks. There is a park/playground/picnic area very close by.
      – Dunsborough Beach in front of the town is extremely calm and shallow, with plenty of parkland and trees. Sometimes has stingers though.
      Yallingup Reef Beach at the southernmost end of Yallingup Beach has a calm sheltered lagoon that’s good for paddling, swimming, snorkeling and enjoying views of big waves and surfing if the swell is up.
      – Gnarabup Beach is on the crowded side as far as Margaret River beaches go, has a paved walking path along the top of the beach and a cafe. The water there tends to be fairly calm.
      – Surfers Point has spectacular views of breaking waves and surfing, plus calm reef pools. The Margaret Rivermouth is an easy walk away.
      Hamelin Bay is a beautiful beach with easy access, calm water and friendly sting rays.
      – Redgate is a spectacular spot on the coast with amazing views of huge crashing waves, granite rock formations and the most beautiful white sand beaches. There are some nice shallow reef pools and shelly sand in among the rocks on the point.

      Margaret River beaches can often be very hot under a harsh sun and sometimes windy as well, so with a baby it’s worth taking a shade tent or umbrella to the beach if possible.

    • Yes there are lots of fish on the reefs, and in open water too. The Cape to Cape coast has so many great spots for fishing, diving and snorkeling. You tend to see smaller fish in inshore and shallow areas though. Let me know if you have any more specific questions about what fish species are present and where to go.

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