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  1. Did you go to the fault line? I’d be interested in seeing that. I always remember my mum talking about the Meckering earthquake – I think it was big news back in the day!

    • Hi! I didn’t get to faultline – at least not the one spot where it hasn’t been graded over. I wanted to, but Mum wanted to keep on driving!

      We did go and see the ruins of the farmhouse though, which was very interesting!

  2. I have a Bolex L8mm wind up movie camera, with instructions etc. {1950s}Also a Kodak
    box camera with an unopened 620 film exp 1981 I will be passing through town late Sunday morning . Will you be open ? and can I donate these to you?

  3. I have 19 large photos in pristine condition taken of the earthquake by WAGR (westrail) They show track repairs town damage the fault line and fault mound. Would you know anyone in Meckering interested in them.


    Gary Bradley

    My father was an engineer with the railways that’s why I have them and I remember the quake well living in Northam then

  4. Hi Bonny , I’m selling all my cameras by the way of auction on-line collected over 40 years . Will start next month but wil try and see yours B4
    Cheers Ash
    Formally Plaza Camers

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