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  1. Hi there, Well done and excellent information. I lived in Brighton Str North Cott. for four years in a rented house. I am 66, my parents have died and I still haven’t forgiven them for moving from there.

    I intend to go to the Grant Street dog beach during the week. The 1950’s around Cottesloe, Oh, those were the days.

    • You’re right that there are some fantastic surf destinations around Australia, offering a great experience for travellers. Unfortunately Perth beaches aren’t so great for surfing though. Superb waves if you head south or north several hours beyond the city or catch the ferry over to Rotto.

  2. I was interested in your opinion of the beaches south of Fremantle especially Rockingham, Warnbro and Safety Bay area. Are they ok for swimming and what is the wind like down there if you wanted to spend time with your family on the beach? Thank you

    • Hi, those beaches are not wavy and are fine for swimming, great for kids, but often have lots of seagrass on the beach. Penguin island is a fun beach day trip close by.

    • Hi Charl,
      South Beach near Fremantle has beautiful shells at times, including colourful little fan shells, and is my favourite Perth beach for shell collecting
      Beaches north from Trigg Island (Marmion Marine Park Beaches) often have lots of abalone shells and some turban shells washed up during the winter months, but you have to just appreciate them at the beach as it’s against the law to take shells from marine parks.
      Apart from that, you’ll be able to find lots of pretty shells on all Perth beaches when the tide is low after storms and wild weather. This page has a short section on Perth beach combing:

  3. hello there thank you for creating travellersguide -very helpful indeed
    i need a word of assurance if or which part of rockingham or the penguin island that is the safest for my children to go snorkelling/kayaking in early dec2014 they are all aged between 8-13 years thank you so much for your time and effort !

    • Hello Lily,

      The western side of Point Peron is nice and safe, and in calm conditions so too is the northern end of Penguin Island. In very calm conditions the Penguin Island back beach can be good too.

      In early summer the weather is generally quite predictable – a south-easterly breeze in the morning that is not too strong and gets lighter, often followed by an hour or two of stilleness, then the south-westerly “Fremantle Doctor” which can be very strong and blustery and whip up choppy waves on the surface of the ocean. The best time for snorkeling is in the morning before the strong south-westerly starts up. Summertime ocean swells are generally pretty low and you might be lucky enough to have a completely flat calm ocean and crystal clear water.

      You might like to have a look at Recently posted by Bonny: An Afternoon Bush Walk Near Margaret River TownMy Profile

  4. The beach Between Scarborough and Trigg is called Contacio’s, after the hotel motel that was once across the road before the hill into Scarborough, it was demolished when I was a child to build houses.:) The Contacio Bar in Scarborough has no reference to this beach :)


  5. Hi,

    Could you tell me which beach(es) from Floreat to Hillarys would be recommended for toddlers? I’m looking for a nice clean sandy beach, shallow water and not too far from parking, if that’s not too much to ask for!

    • Hi Rachel, I think you might like some of these beaches:
      – North side of Trigg Island
      – Mettams Pool
      – The little beach in between Hamersley Street and Beachton Street
      – The beaches within Hillarys Boat Harbour
      Recently posted by Bonny: Walga RockMy Profile

  6. Hi Bonny,

    Great information, thanks. I am looking specifically for beaches that have easy access from the car to the beach, not to far to walk. I want to take a friend who is quite unwell and just wants to sit on the beach. Any ideas?


    • Hello Cat, I think Port Beach would be a really good one for your friend. The walk from the carpark to the beach is all on sand, but it’s short and flat.

      Another good option would be the little reefy beach just north of Trigg Island. There’s a carpark right next to the beach from which you can walk down a ramp or some steps.

      South Beach in Fremantle could also work, the walk over the dunes is fairly flat but there’s a short walk (about 25-50m) from the carpark across a grassy lawn first.
      Recently posted by Bonny: Salmon Bay, RottnestMy Profile

  7. Thanks for all the good info. My wife and I are coming to WA the first two weeks of February 2016. Is this a busy time? I assume schools are not out at this time. Looking for good calm beaches as we are older!

  8. I think it is a great website. What I am trying to find out is why there are so many stingers in the water at South Beach South Fremantle at the moment. It is cold though calm but I didn’t think stingers were around in winter and I can’t find out any information on the web

  9. Hi
    I am writing from Argentina
    I am planning a family vacation at Australia , this summer
    My idea is to find at western region , a place for beginners , maybe a lagoon or a quiet bay
    I try to get a beach resort for my family and a kite spot for me , no more than one hour drive
    Can you help me ?

    • Hi Fernando, sorry to miss your comment back in June. Just about any coastal town in Western Australia would be good for that, but if you don’t want to drive you could just stay in Perth and do lots of kite surfing and also spend some time on Rottnest Island which is surrounded by beautiful calm swimming lagoons.
      Recently posted by Bonny: Canal Rocks in High SeasMy Profile

  10. Hi Bonny
    Thank you so much for this guide, it’s perfect and succinct and helps a lot with looking for family beaches or beaches with bbq areas :)
    Cheers very much!
    Rhoda :)

  11. hi

    Really great article. I was wondering if you’d come across any good books for identifying fish when snorkelling?



    • Hi Jon, I’ve purchased a few books that are quite good. I think I bought one from the shop at Coral Bay, actually. When learning about fish I haven’t seen before I tend to look back at my photos for comparison then research them online.

  12. This is a fabulous resource! Not sure if you only know WA, but I really want to know which is best for diving and also kitesurfing, Perth or Brisbane? This is all to do with a decision on relocating somewhere permanently for work, so any information appreciated. Because of the job, we would only have choices of living within 30 minutes of Perth or 30 minutes of Brisbane, and we want to go kiting 4-5 times a week in season. So please keep any advice/info to those two cities rather than straying to “if you just drive for 2 hours to….” as we want to be able to go to the beach after work (finish at 2pm some days), not have to make a full day of it. Thanks!

  13. Hi Bonny, Im a single 45 year old female looking to relocate to WA from Melbourne. I wanted to know which beaches are less windy, the big waves I dont mind, its just the wind factor that can be a bit much. Also a beach that has less or no stingers. Im hoping to rent a property across from the beach but I want to be able to gain employment close by in an office/shop so I probably need to be where all the action is. Where should I look to achieve all I have listed.

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