1. You have lots of good ideas. Another fun place to picnic is Cottesloe Beach up on the lawn. Fish ‘n chips and a glass of wine as the sun goes down. Then a walk along the beach … heaven!

  2. Hi Bonny, I love this post topic. Finding new picnic places is one of my favourite research topics and you’ve listed some great spots. The Coombe is one of my favourite spots. I also like a spot in East Fremantle, near Zephyr Cafe. I see dolphins there almost every time.

  3. I’ve been to King’s Park a few times. I took my two eldest sons there after we’d been overseas for a month and I just loved how Australian it was. I think I may have even hugged a tree I was so glad to be back in Australia. I must say it’s the nicest park I’ve ever visited. Noble Falls looks gorgeous too.
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  4. Hi Bonny,
    I have just read your favourite picnic spots, which I have been lucky enough to visit most of them, over the years. I grew up in Hollywood, so the Swan River, UWA, Matilda Bay, are special to me. So is King’s Park, which even after 60 years of going there, still, to this day, takes my breath away, with it’s sublime beauty. Simply magnificent.
    I now live in Lesmurdie, so I would like to add the Lesmurdie Falls area, to your list.
    It has very good picnic facilities, and it is a beautiful walk down the path through the trees, to the falls, and the surrounding scenes below. LOvely.
    Keep up the good work.
    Kind regards ,

  5. Hi Bonny, could you please mail a few of the port beach photos to me; we would love to enlarge one for a wedding present. We are back home in Munich and had the idea only a few days ago. Please also inform me if it is not possible. Thank you in advance and all the best to you – Lydia

    • Hi Lydia, I’m sorry I missed your comment, was in the midst of packing up and moving house at the end of April and not keeping tabs on things like I usually do. Send me an email to bonny(at) about it if it’s not too late.
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  6. Great post! I like Cottesloe civic gardens, nice quiet spot in summer when the beach is busy. Perry Lakes under the trees is one of my favourite spots, the kookaburra family is entertaining and love sausages!

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