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    […] Cottesloe Beach fringed with pine trees and swish cafes, City Beach with a children’s park, Port Beach, and Rockingham …


  1. I’ve been to Cottesloe but that’s the only beach I’ve seen in Perth. Do you have stingers? That’s the thing spoiling our beaches in North Queensland, plus our sand is quite coarse. Great pictures and information here! And you’re right, it would be perfect for families with small children.
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    • North Cottesloe is my favourite beach in Perth. Were you there in the summer?

      Yes we do get stingers sometimes, mainly early in the morning in summer for some reason. But they only cause a small sting that goes away in a day or two, unlike the irukanji and box jellyfish up north. And they’re not that common at the wavy open ocean beaches. Bluebottles also occasionally get blown in by the winds, but that’s usually only when it’s too cold and stormy for swimming anyway.
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  2. We used to go to Port Beach when I was a child as my Dad drove a tanker truck and we used to travel down to Fremantle some summer nights in the truck with him and go for a swim while he was taking the truck back to the fuel depot. They are good memories. I haven’t been there for years though. But I must say Western Australia has the best beaches in Australia, in my opinion anyway. Great post Bonny.
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