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    To Gnomesville and Beyond! | The Snail Trail
    […] first stop after Stockton Lake was in the Wellington National Park at Potters Gorge, where we stayed a couple …


  1. Can you please advise if Water skiing is permitted at Wellington dam

    Thank you
    Shelley Jesney

    • G’Day Bob,
      Not that I know of, so long as the Gen is a quiet one.
      I was out there one day and some clown had a generator akin to a chain saw. According to him, it was day time, so he wasn’t disturbing anyones sleep. Bloody idiot.

  2. Gross, I wouldn’t call people who leave rubbish lying around “civilised”!!! I think 99% of people are respectful but unfortunately it only takes one or two people to make a mess that spoils the environment for everyone else, and gives the authorities reason to impose more rules, fees and regulations that restricts everyone’s freedom to enjoy our natural environment.
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    • Hello Sue, I haven’t been back since the campsite was closed, but I will be sure to update this article as soon as possible after I’ve revisited and with a review and photos of the new incarnation of this pleasant campsite by the dam. In the meantime the best contact for up to date information on the new Potters Gorge is DPAW as they are the authority responsible for running this campsite and are/were organising the upgrade.
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  3. Can you please update your website for Potters Gorge camping area at Wellington Dam Collie, WA

    Potters Gorge will be closed UNTIL JULY 2016 , due to redevelopment works (not July 2015)


  4. I wandered out to Potters a while back and had a good look around.
    WOW! What an improvement.
    PROS: It look great.
    Cons: It looks like it is planned to keep vehicles off the river bank. It is going to be a bit of a pain carrying canoes, kyaks and my Hobie TI on a dolly down to the water.
    To access swimming for the kids, try to set up camp in the middle or the east end. The south end is not the best end to let the kids swim and paddle.

  5. It says no JetSki aloud here but the transport page says jet skis aloud at Wellington dam. Can some one please clarify this for me. Can we take the jet ski?

    • To what I understand, Jet Skis are ONLY ALLOWED at Potters, IN THE SKI AREA only if YOU ARE TOWING A SKIER OR TUBE OR SOMETHING.

      I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure there is no free style jet skiing out at Potters.

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