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  1. Sounds like a great walk to add to the list. It’s amazing how the weather changes the beaches down there, isn’t it? I remember the first time we drove into Smiths Beach and I thought I’d never come back; windy, cloudy and it just looked very unattractive. I’m glad we did go back, and on a sunny day its just amazing!
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    • Yeah, I know what you mean about Smiths Beach looking completely different from day to day! I think it’s best on a sunny day with big waves breaking.

  2. I love these trails around Yallingup and Yallingup is usually my first stop on the way further down south. The Quenda trail is just long enough for a proper walk or jog and one of the good things is that it’s a circuit so you don’t have to go back the same way.

  3. Walked this on 12th December.It was very helpful to have your comments and pictures. They were very accurate. Probably even fewer flowers at this time of year. There are four or five benches along the route. You have a picture of one of them. Some are overgrown. One makes a good stand to elevate you above the scrub. The other thing is there are excellent views of the beach especially at the Southern end of the walk. We walked from the Smiths Beach end. Because it is fairly soft sand and not over walked, we saw many animal tracks as we walked.

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