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    How to make the most of a weekend on Rottnest Island - curated by cammi
    […] Bay through to the Basin. You can find a guide on where to find the best snorkelling spots here. Visitors can …


  1. Hello, would like to check with you if the third week if October would be too cold to snorkel in rottnest? We will be visiting then with our 5 year old . Wld appreciate your advice :) thanks

    • Hi Jaclyn,

      October is not quite summer so it rarely gets super-hot (by Perth standards) and is often very windy. Most of the time it’s pleasantly warm and sunny but then springtime weather can be quite variable with some cold windy days thrown into the mix.

      So, there’s a very good chance you’ll have beautiful warm sunny weather for snorkeling, but plan on enjoying other things about Rottnest too, just in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.
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  2. Hello Bonny,

    Thank you for all of that great information. It’s extremely helpful and well organized.

    I was wondering if you can you recommend and other good snorkeling spots besides Rottenest Island near Perth that are accessible from the shore? We plan on having a car and like to be independent of tours when possible.

    Thanks again :)

    • Hello Eric, some of the other places in and around Perth that are quite good for snorkeling include the southern coves of Point Peron near Rockingham, Penguin Island, the beaches to the north of Trigg Island within the Marmion Marine Park such as Mettams Pool, South Cottesloe (in perfectly still conditions), Yanchep Lagoon, and some of the reefy areas near Halls Head in Mandurah. But Rottnest is by far the best.

      If you’re in Perth for just a short time my recommendations would be a day at Point Peron and Penguin Island, or a morning at one of the Marmion Marine Park beaches.

  3. Hi Bonny,
    Awesome info here, and I can tell you love snorkeling Rotto as much as I do. There’s something you can help me with though. For years I’ve been itching to snorkel Fish Hook Bay but can never find info on how to get down there. In fact I’ve seen info saying “boat access only”. Is there a way down?

  4. Hi Bonny!

    I’m heading over to Rottnest on New Years Day. Coming from QLD, I’m used to nice, warm water temps (25c and above) and am a wondering if I’ll need my wetsuit to stay warm. What’s the water temp like at Rottnest Island in January?


    • Hi, water temps near Perth usually peak around end Feb at about 22-23 deg. Now it’s maybe 21 deg. This time of year I snorkel at Rotto just in bathers OK but do notice the cold after a while. My wife on the other hand needs something to stay in more than a few minutes … she uses one of those tops that’s about 1mm thick. I guess a 3mm shortie wetsuit would be pretty comfie, though with the extra hassle of needing some weight to compensate. :)

  5. Hi Bonny,

    I Plan to visit Rottnest Island by day trip in 8 Oct 2016 Saturday.
    Is it too cold the weather to do snorkeling in rotten island ?

    If cannot snorkling, I think to do bicycling around the island to enjoy Rottnest island.

    DO you have any suggestion interest point that must be visit and some recommendation resto ?

    Thanks for read and reply.



    • Hi Thomas,

      LOL at “rotten island” 😀

      The weather is usually pleasantly warm and sunny in October with just a small chance of clouds & rain. It is a windy time of year though, which is not the best for snorkeling.

      Yes, bike riding is the best way to explore the island, and you’ll see lots of beautiful beaches and views no matter what the weather’s like. If the weather’s extremely windy and the water not so clear then you might be disappointed by the snorkeling, but hopefully the conditions will be good on the day you’re there :-)

      Thanks for reading!

      • Sory misstype. Rottnest Island not a Rotten Island. :p

        So , cannot snorkeling ya.Oke, I will take a riding with bicycle to sightseeing a island.

        Thank You very much for your info and explanation,Bonny.


  6. Hi Thomas, I’m deciding between

    1.renting a bike and snorkeling gear, venturing on my own or

    2. joining of one of those “Rottnest Island Day Tour including Snorkelling Cruise”, which consists of high powered thrill ride to the snorkelling spots

    Do you think it’s worth taking option 2? Btw, I’m alone so I wonder if it’s safe to snorkel alone, although I’m a certified diver but there was many yrs ago.


    • Hai weebeng,
      Do you stay at rotness island or one day trip and back to perth in evening ?

      I think better option 1. So you can bike and enjoy snorkeling. Move from one spot to another snorkeling spot will be more easier by bike


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