Swan River Sailing - Perth, Australia

What better way to get out and enjoy Perth than by sailing the Swan River?

The Swan, Avon and Canning Rivers meander down across the coastal plain from the Darling Range, meeting in the middle of Perth. Here, the river broadens into a huge open waterway, before narrowing again as it makes its way to the sea at Fremantle Harbour.

Sailing and boating on the river and out at sea are very popular hobbies in Perth.

Sailing in Perth is very much a social activity. Yacht clubs are always looking for new members, and people with yachts - big and small - love to take their friends and families out on the water, and are often keen to take on new crew.

Sailing in Perth on the Swan River

Twilight Sailing

Twilight Sailing is a common event on the calendars of yacht clubs around Perth. Twilight is a beautiful time to be out on the water - as the sun sets and the sky and water change colours from pinks and oranges through to dark blue and purple into darkness.

Twilight sailing in Perth is a fun, non-competitive event where club members go out sailing together, followed by a dinner at the yacht club - either an outdoors barbeque or indoor buffet-style meal in the clubhouse dining hall or restaurant.

Royal Perth Yacht Club twilight sailing on Melville Water, the widest part of the Swan River:

View of the Perth city skyline while twilight sailing on the Swan River

The sky changing colour as the sun goes down:

Twilight Sailing, Perth

Twilight Sailing on the Swan River, Perth Western Australia

Go Sailing on the Swan River for Free

If you enjoy sailing, then it's nice to own a yacht or at least know someone who does - but there are plenty of ways to get out onto the Swan River for free or for very cheap.

Some yacht clubs offer free sailing as crew on their members' yachts, usually in the hope you'll sign up for a sailing course or join the club.

I recommend Nedlands Yacht Club, where I've been sailing with my uncle a few times. He races hobie cats, which are small, super-fast and so much fun! If you'd prefer something more sedate, where you don't get completely soaked, you can also go sailing on larger, slower yachts. Here's the webpage on the Nedlands Yacht Club site with all the details of when and how to join in for some sailing.

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