Swimming With Sharks

By Lewis
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

I went swimming with the whale sharks in Coral Bay a couple of the years ago and it really was an impressive experience. The way these massive creatures just appear out of the void and sweep past you is truly unique.

There were 2 or 3 companies in Coral Bay that offered Whale Shark tours but I felt they all probably offered a comparable service for a similar price. I can't remember which company I ended up choosing but the operators were very nice and the lunch and a beer, although simple, was just what was needed after a day on and in the water.

Make sure you choose a flat day because it's a long time to be stuck out in a boat if it gets rough.

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Archived Comments for "Swimming With Sharks":

Apr 23, 2012

Thanks Lewis!
by: Western Australia Travellers' Guide

Hi Lewis,

Thank you for being the first ever contributor to my site :-)!

I definitely agree with you about trying to choose a day with low swell and winds! When I went on a whale shark tour with Ningaloo Dive the waves were huge and half the people on the boat got seasick. In fact, the previous day's tour had been cancelled because the waves were even bigger that day!

Luckily for me I didn't really get sick, and actually found the big waves quite fun and exiting. But even for someone who doesn't get seasick easily it was a long time to be rolling over the waves in a boat, especially when it slowed right down once the whale sharks were sighted. Funnily enough, I ended up feeling slightly seasick and disoriented whilst swimming, and had to sit out a few whale shark swimming opportunities on the boat!

I suspect a few of the people on the boat with me wouldn't have gotten their money's worth because they spent so much of the tour feeling sick and miserable.

What do you think of the cost of the whale shark tour - do you feel you got your money's worth?

Apr 30, 2012

Money's Worth?
by: Lewis

I think I got my money's worth even though the surf was a bit large. The far-side of the reef isn't protected like the bay is so a bit of swell is expected. I think most days would be calmer than the day I went though.

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