Walpole - Things to Do
Suggested Itineraries

Some ideas to help you make the most of your stay in Walpole, WA.

Here are some suggested itineraries for a visit to Walpole. Things to do include bushwalks, scenic drives, swimming, canoeing, the Treetop Walk and a cruise on the inlet.

In One Day

  • Just passing through
  • The highlights in one busy day

A Weekend Getaway

Basing yourself in Walpole for a while? Daytrips and adventures from Walpole

  • Daytrip eastwards towards Denmark
  • Daytrip north and west into the South West Wilderness
  • Nuyts Wilderness Walk

Walpole In One Day

Just Passing Through Walpole

If you are just passing through between Pemberton and Denmark, you can detour off Southwest Highway to Mount Frankland, then head down North Walpole Road into town. From here, check out the inlet at The Knoll then take the Hilltop Road to see the Giant Tingle Tree. Visit the Valley of the Giants before continuing eastwards towards Denmark and Albany.

Walpole's Highlights in One Busy Day

It is possible to see and experience Walpole's main attractions in one action-packed day with a lot of driving. This is about the maximum you can get out of one day in Walpole:

  1. Take the Knoll Scenic Drive early in the morning, for dawn views over the vast and peaceful inlet. The drive starts just 5 minutes east of town.
  2. Continue onto Hilltop Road. This scenic drive will give you a good feel for the beautiful forests of the Walpole wilderness. Be sure to stop at the giant tingle tree.
  3. Be back in Walpole in time for the WOW inlet cruise. It departs at 10:00am from the Town Jetty and will take 2.5 hours. Alternatively, hire a canoe in Nornalup and paddle up the Frankland River.
  4. Head across to the Valley of the Giants for the treetop walk.
  5. Drive north through green pastures and karri forest to Mount Frankland. Walk to the top for beautiful views, and around for the experience of the tranquil karri forest with its birds and flowers.
  6. From Mount Frankland, drive westwards past Fernhook Falls, then head down Hwy 1 back towards Walpole. Head down to Mandalay Beach and see the power of the wild southern ocean and dramatic coastal scenery. This is the perfect place to watch the sunset before retiring to your accommodation. On a hot summer's day, you might prefer to take the Ficofolia Scenic Drive instead of bushwalking at Mount Frankland. Stopping for a swim at Peaceful Bay. Conspicuous Beach nearby is not good for swimming, but is very scenic.

Walpole in a Weekend Getaway

Day 1

Hire a canoe at Nornalup and spend a peaceful morning in the beautiful karri forest while paddling the Frankland River. Monastery Landing is a nice place for a picnic. In the afternoon, go to the Valley of the Giants. Afterwards take Ficofolia Scenic Drive past Irwin Inlet to the beautiful beaches of Peaceful Bay and Conspicuous Beach. Walk up to Conspicuous Cliff for fantastic views and the possibility of spotting whales in season (June - October) and enjoy a swim at Peaceful Bay if the weather is warm. On the way back into town, take a detour to the Giant Tingle Tree and Circular Pool on the Hilltop Scenic Drive. Circular Pool is another good swimming spot in summer.

Day 2

The WOW Wilderness Cruise is well worth doing during your stay in Walpole. It departs at 10:00am and takes 2.5 hours. Alternatively, you could hire a boat from Rest Point Caravan Park and explore the inlet by yourself, or go for a bushwalk. Mount Clare, Mount Pingerup, The Coalmine Beach Heritage Trail and Mandalay Beach are some short walktrails not too far from Walpole Town. In the afternoon, drive up North Walpole Road to Mount Frankland, stopping at Thurlby Herb Farm for lunch on the way. Mount Frankland has some of the best views and forest scenery in the South West. Take Beardmore Road to the South West Highway, passing Fernhook Falls on the way. If you're heading back to Perth, this itinerary should allow you to be home by 9pm. If you love wild, dramatic beaches, consider taking a detour south to Mandalay Beach before the long drive home.

Daytrips and Adventures From Walpole

Walpole is a great base for exploring the South Coast region and the eastern part of the Tall Forests.

Daytrip Eastwards towards Denmark

Set off along South Coast Highway and spend the morning exploring places along the coast between Walpole and Denmark, such as Boat Harbour (4WD), Parry Beach and William Bay National Park. The beaches of William Bay National Park are a must-see. Swim at Greens Pool, then walk to Elephant Cove via the Elephant Rocks. Madfish Bay is another beautiful swimming beach. The island offshore has rockpools to explore, and Waterfall Beach to the east is just a short walk over the rocks. Bartholomew's Meadery is across the highway from the William Bay turnoff. Continue eastwards, then turn right onto Lights Road. This will take you to Lights Beach, before connecting with Ocean Beach Road. Ocean Beach and the lookouts at Lions Head provide spectacular views of Ratcliffe Bay, Nullaki Peninsula, the Wilson Inlet Sandbar and the cliffs all the way to West Cape Howe.

Follow Ocean Beach Road around Wilson Inlet and into town. Drive back to Walpole along the Scotsdale Tourist Drive. The views from the road are beautiful and there are many wineries, galleries and other attractions to stop off at along the way.

Daytrip northwest into the South West Wilderness

  • Mount Pingerup
  • Broke Inlet
  • Shannon National Park
  • Mokare's Rock walk and the Great Forest Trees Drive

Walpole Things to Do - Other Ideas:

  • Quarrum-Owingup Nature Reserve.
  • Long Point
  • Nuyts Wilderness Trail - This full-day return walk will take you into the heart of the Nuyts Wilderness Area all the way down to the coast. At the coast, you can explore Aldridge Cove, Thompson Cove and Hush-Hush Beach. You can camp the night.
  • A day walk on the Bibbulmun Track

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