The Town of Walpole
Western Australia

Practical Info and Things to do Around Town for Travellers

The town of Walpole Western Australia is pretty small. It has a serenely beautiful setting, surrounded by karri forest on the northern edge of the Walpole Inlet.

This Walpole Western Australia page is about things to do around town, and practical info you might need during your stay. Visit the Walpole WA main page to get more of an idea of the beautiful wilderness landscapes surrounding the town.

The Small and Peaceful Town on the Walpole Inlet

Walpole, WA viewed from Walpole Inlet

Houses of Walpole town viewed from Walpole Inlet

The streets of Walpole town are quiet and treesey with many cabin-style cottages. Last time I was in Walpole the streets of town were overrun with rabbits! There were hundreds of them hopping around.

Wherever you are in town, it's always a short walk down to the Walpole Inlet's shores, and from here you can go for a stroll along the water's edge or walk out onto the jetties.

When I'm staying in Walpole I like to get up bright and early to watch the sunrise. Here's a photo of the first light of day over the Walpole Inlet, taken from the end of Swarbrick Jetty:

Sunrise Over the Walpole Inlet

The Main Street of Walpole, Western Australia

Nokolds Street, the main street of town, is basically a detour from South Coast Highway. It's a quiet road running parallel to highway for several hundred metres. It has 2 petrol stations (one also a general store), an IGA and a few eateries - pretty much all you need by way of food and supplies, and nothing more.

Nockolds Street, the main street of Walpole, Western Australia

Nockolds Street, the main street of Walpole Western Australia, running parallel to South Coast Highway. The visitor centre is in the park on the other side of the highway.

Pioneer Park and the Walpole Visitor Centre

On the opposite side of the highway to the main street is a shady park with picnic benches and BBQ's. You'll find the Visitor Centre in the park, and behind it is a boardwalk through the forest that makes for a pleasant and easy walk.

Stop in at the visitor centre to pick up brochures, or for help booking accommodation or tours. They also have the usual range of souvenirs and books about the local environment and things to do.

The Walpole Western Australia Visitor Centre website:

Where is the town of Walpole Western Australia?

Walpole Western Australia is about a 4.5-hour drive south from Perth, along the South Western Highway. The Tall Karri Forests meet the South Coast at Walpole, and it is roughly equidistant from Pemberton and Albany (about 1.5 hours drive from each). This makes it an excellent base from which to explore both the Tall Forests and the South Coast areas of Western Australia.

How do you get there?

Drive Yourself

By far the best way to get to Walpole is to drive yourself, so that you have a vehicle to get around to all the scenery and attractions outside of town.

From Perth, take the Kwinana Freeway south from the city. The freeway turns into the Forrest Highway, a fast and straight road that ends at Bunbury. From Bunbury the direct route is to take the South West Highway (Highway 1), a scenic road which winds its way through the fertile farms and orchards of the Blackwood Valley and further south, the tall forests of the Walpole Wilderness Area.

From Pemberton, you have the choice of heading east out of town along the Vasse Highway then turning right onto Highway 1, or alternatively, going via Northcliffe along the Pemberton-Northcliffe Road and Middleton Road, which ends at South West Highway.

The best way to get to Walpole from the Margaret River region is to head down almost to Augusta, then turn off the Bussell Highway onto the Vasse Highway. Taking this route, you can stop off in Pemberton and enjoy lots of beautiful forest scenery.

Public Transport Bus

If driving yourself down isn't an option, the TransWA bus service stops at Walpole every day. The route to book is Perth - Albany via Bunbury and Pemberton. It takes 7.5 hours and costs $67 for one adult.

Once you're in Walpole, you'll have some difficulty getting to most of the tourist attractions independently, unless you're going to hire a houseboat or hike the Bibbulmun Track. The section of the track near Walpole passes along some of the most spectacular coastline in Western Australia, and visits the Valley of the Giants.

As far as Walpole tours go, I highly recommend the WOW wilderness eco cruise on the Walpole-Nornalup inlet, but can't really comment on any of the others as I haven't been on them. However, I do think the 4WD tours look really good, and wouldn't mind joing one of them one day.

Walpole Western Australia - A Base for Exploring the Region

Walpole is halfway between Pemberton and Albany, about 1.5 hours driving time from each. The Walpole Wilderness Area surrounding town is a magnificently wild and remote part of the Karri Forests Region of WA. The town is also right down on the South Coast of Western Australia, within easy driving distance of the beautiful beaches, wineries and other attractions of Denmark.

Views across the Walpole-Nornalup Inlet from the Knoll:

Storm clouds over the Walpole-Nornalup Inlet, Western Australia

Services and Other Things You Might Need

Internet Access
  • If you're camping or otherwise without internet, head down to either the Visitor Centre (South Coast Highway),
  • or the Community Resource Centre (Latham Street).
Banking and Cash
  • You can withdraw cash, get an account balance, etc from the Australia Post on Nockolds Street (Bankwest, Commonwealth and National banks).
  • There's a Bendigo Bank ATM at the St John Ambulance building (Nockolds Street), and general ATM's in the Shell petrol station and Pioneer IGA.
  • The Bankwest Agency on Nockolds Street is open from 10am - 12pm, only on Wednesdays.
  • There's a Bendigo Bank Agency inside the Community Centre, open from 10am - 4pm, weekdays.
  • The nearest hospital is in Denmark, 45 kilometres east.
  • The nearest medical centre (GP's) is also in Denmark. The phone number is 9848 1522.
  • The Walpole pharmacy on Nockolds Street is open weekdays and Saturday mornings.

The Wilderness Beyond Town:

The main appeal of Walpole Western Australia is the pristine natural beauty of the forests, rivers, inlets and coastline which surround the town. Visit the Walpole WA main page or the Walpole Wilderness page and discover the special natural places, tourist attractions and things to do in Walpole Western Australia.

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