1. I am very impressed by #4 Shell Beach. So impressed that I found a video on and showed my husband and kids. They all were equally amazed. Thanks for sharing.

    • Bondi and Manly are fantastic beaches, I hope it was warm enough for swimming when you were there! They’re completely different to anything on the west coast of Australia.

  2. Hola Bonny
    I have been to Margaret River for the last two weeks. We have made a couple of trips down to Meelup Beach AND HAVE LOVED IT.
    Great for swimming and snorkelling. No surf, though. But great for a beginner paddle boarder
    Regards: Raki

    • Hey Racquel, how wonderful having 2 whole weeks in Margaret River! Meelup Beach is absolutely gorgeous and a favourite for many people including myself, perhaps I should have included it in the Top 10! You might like the Meelup Beach page if you haven’t seen it already.

    • Wonderful!!! Do you have a number one favourite beach in Western Australia? And I’m wondering… which of these beaches will be the tenth one for you? Happy travels!

  3. Looks amazing, I would like to know which ones of those beaches has tours like doing diving, snorkelling orsee the wale sharks?

    • Hello!
      None of these beaches have diving or snorkeling tours from the beach, but several of them are good for snorkeling, including Turquoise Bay, Yallingup Beach, Greens Pool, The Basin and Little Beach. Several of these beaches are in areas where the diving is good, but to do a diving tour you’d organise it through a dive shop in the nearest town.
      On this top 10 list, Turquoise Bay is the beach closest to where you can see whale sharks. But swimming with whale sharks happens waay out to sea, so the tours leave from dive shops/piers in Coral Bay and Exmouth rather than from a beach.

  4. I reckon WA has the best beaches in Australia. They are truly amazing. I’ve been to all of the ones you’ve listed, except for Little beach in Albany (perhaps I have been, but I don’t remember it!)

    Next time you are in Esperance, head out to Duke of Orleans. Some absolutely amazing beaches there. Also, Boat Harbour in Denmark is truly stunning.
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  5. Agree that all these beaches are worthy of a mention. However if pressed I could replace Redgate with either Bunker Bay or Meelup. I would add Waterfall Beach to Little Beach in the same way as Elephant Cove is added to William Bay. Waterfall Beach is reached by a track over the headland at the far end of Little Beach. Only a five minute scramble. Then again I could also see Hellfire Bay amongst the top ten. And how about Shelley Beach in West Cape Howe National Park. And I could go on…maybe there should be a top 20 or 30 list. I have been to all the ones mentioned so far (also in the comments).

    • Hi Gerrit,

      Bunker Bay and Meelup both almost made the top 10 in place of Yallingup and/or Redgate and they will both definitely feature in the soon-to-be published 2015 sequel to this article… you’re right that this easily could have been a top 20 or 50 list! My plan is to publish a sequel each summer for the next few years.

      It’s interesting you mention Waterfall Beach; I love it just as much as Little Beach (or possibly even more), but I thought in the end it’s less striking and unique than the Elephant Rocks, and less iconic than Little Beach. I will add it to the Little Beach section of this article though!

      Thanks for your ideas and suggestions.
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