William Bay National Park

Denmark, Western Australia

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"William Bay National Park features a dramatic coastline of awesome beauty, with massive granite headlands, island-boulders and some of the best and most picturesque swimming beaches in all of Australia"

Swimming at Elephant Cove, William Bay National Park

William Bay National Park is the number one must-visit attraction in the town of Denmark, Western Australia. Even if you're just passing through on your way between Pemberton and Albany, it's worth detouring into William Bay, especially to see Greens Pool and the Elephant Rocks.

Swimming at Greens Pool:

Greens Pool, William Bay National Park

The national park protects 1734 hectares of:

  • dense heathland and peppermint scrub;
  • pockets of karri forest;
  • sand dunes;
  • wetlands - lakes, an inlet;
  • tall hills with granite tors and outcrops;
  • and a coastline of awesome beauty, featuring dramatic granite headlands, island-boulders and some of the best swimming beaches in all of Australia.

William Bay National Park - Madfish Bay

Activities and Things to Do in the William Bay National Park:
see the Activities and Things to Do page for information on Swimming; Snorkeling; Fishing; Walking the Bibbulmun Track through the William Bay National Park; Beach Walking and Rock Hopping; Camping; Four Wheel Driving; and Boating.

Nature and Landforms:
Click here for information about the vegetation, landforms and rocks of the national park.

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Places to Visit in William Bay NP:



William Bay National Park is a paradise when the sun is shining, but is absolutely spectacular in wintry weather when you can see the wild fury of the Great Southern Ocean:

Wild waves at William Bay National Park in winter

A Map of William Bay National Park

Here's a map of the entire park. If you zoom in on it twice you can see exactly where the roads and Bibbulmun Track are.

View William Bay National Park in a larger map

The Eastern Half

The main attractions most of interest to travellers are clustered close together at the eastern end of the national park.

The scenery here is magnificent. It's in this section of the park where you'll find the dramatic coastline of domed granite headlands and islands sheltering bays and coves of crystal clear, calm water.

Greens Pool and the Elephant Rocks are the main attractions here.

At Greens Pool, a wall of domed granite boulders about 200 metres off shore from the white-sand beach shelter the water from wind and waves, creating the perfect natural swimming pool.

Left: the beach at Greens Pool on a summer morning;
Right: the dramatic Elephant Rocks, with Elephant Cove below

Greens Pool, William Bay National Park
Elephant Rocks, William Bay National Park

Greens Pool is a beach that is so beautiful and perfect for swimming that on a sunny day you'll think you're in heaven. Even in bad weather, it's beautiful - just in a wilder, tempestuous way.

The Elephant Rocks and a secluded cove below are a short walk around the corner from Greens Pool over the rocks of the eastern headland.

Greens Pool, sunny day
Winter, William Bay National Park

A short drive to the west from Greens Pool, Madfish Bay is another stunningly beautiful spot on the coast, and an underrated Denmark attraction. A lot of people choose to skip Madfish Bay, but they miss out on swimming at one of Denmark's most beautiful beaches and walking across a sandbar to Madfish Island, which has the best rock pools in William Bay National Park.

The next beach along to the west is Waterfall Beach, which gets its name from the stream that tumbles out of the dense heathland and down onto the beach in a small but pretty waterfall.

Driving There: The road into the eastern half of William Bay National Park connects with South Coast Highway about 15km west of Denmark town. At the end near the coast, you can continue around to the right to Greens Pool and Elephant Cove, or to the left along the gravel road to Madfish Bay and Waterfall Beach.

Map of the Eastern Coastline of the Park:

A. Elephant Rocks
B. Greens Pool
C. Elephant Cove
D. Madfish Bay

E. Madfish Island
F. Waterfall Beach
G. Tower Hill

View William Bay National Park in a larger map

William Bay NP - West

Parry Inlet, William Bay NP
Parry Beach, William Bay

The western half of William Bay is wilder and sparser - less dramatic and sheltered than the boulder-strewn eastern section, but just as beautiful.

With a normal car, the western half of the national park can be accessed by Parry Beach Road, ~20km west of Denmark town along South Coast Highway. There are a few 4WD tracks from south coast highway cutting through directly to Mazzoletti Beach. If you feel like a long beach walk, you can walk the full length of the Greens Pool beach, then over the rocks and down onto Mazzoletti Beach.

Mazzoletti Beach spans the almost the full length of William Bay, 5km between Parry Beach and Greens Pool - the entire western half of the national park.

The national park is narrow here, following the coastline, then broadening out to encompass eastern bank of Parry Inlet.

At the end of Parry Beach Road and just behind Parry Beach, there's a fairly basic caravan park that's a fantastic place to stay if you're into fishing and four-wheel-driving, or long walks on the beach.

Map of the Western Section:

I. Parry Beach
J. Parry Inlet

K. Mazoletti Beach
L. Hillier Bay

View William Bay National Park in a larger map

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