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    Siis, kui sul on auto ringiliikumiseks (18.02.13) | Minna või mitte - selles on küsimus. Muidugi minna!
    […] Edasi tulid vahepeatused Yahhingup beachil, Meelup beachil (vaiksem rannake neile, kes pelgavad laineid), Bunker Bayl ja päikeseloojang […]
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    winter holiday 2015 – sunset and whale watching at Yallingup Beach
    […] naptime back at the holiday home we rented, we ate dinner quickly and drove to a lookout above Yallingup …


    • Not a huge amount around Yallingup and Dunsborough because it’s fairly built up, apart from the Three Bears track (beach and surf break north of Yallingup) and a track along the coast south from Injidup.

      But within a day trip from there you can head south or inland where there are tracks down to spots on the coast such as Kilcarnup and Bob’s Hollow, through the Boranup Forest, or along the Blackwood River.
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